ola lola ooh la la!

A minute or two after posting my earlier entry on gubahan for hantaran, one of my kakak-kakak kahwin kenalan recommended me a service provider.

I don’t know what else to do except to thank God, gasp, cry, laugh, sing, smile, squeal and virtually hug and kiss my fellow kakak-kakak kahwin.

You see, three or four months back I was randomly browsing through Facebook pages of wedding vendors when I came across one Facebook page of a service provider who does wedding trays and bunga rampai… and their creations are BLOODY GORGEOUS.

I fell in love with them instantly and swore that if I were to have dulang hantaran for my wedding, I will chop plus guarantee plus court seal book them!!!

But I must have been too excited and too blinded by love because I somehow – can you believe it – FORGOT TO BOOKMARK THEM.

When we started talking about dulang hantaran a month or two later, I immediately remembered the Facebook page that I saw and trawled through Facebook page after Facebook page to look for the abovesaid service provider but FOR THE LIFE OF ME AND MY PERANGAI MEREPEK-TAK-TAU-NAK-CLICK-‘LIKE’-BUTTON, I couldn’t find them again.

A few hours ago, I tried to find them again before publishing my earlier entry on gubahan for hantaran. No such luck.

SO. Can you IMAGINE how excited and grateful and delighted I was when this kakak-kakak kahwin kenalan referred me to Ola Lola???

Because Ola Lola is exactly the service provider for hantaran gubahan that I’ve been looking for the past few weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pictures from Ola Lola

Thank you so much for this Rina Ruzanna!!!

If you ever need a kakak kahwin favour from me, please tell me, I will do anything I can for you. Kakak kahwin promise!