hello forever

I am in LOVE with the photobooths from Hello Forever!!!!!

(Source: Hello Forever)

I’ve mentioned in an earlier entry that the style and setup of local photobooths are different from the omputeh ones I like, and this is exactly why I love Hello Forever above the rest: their backdrops are superb and lawa and somehow their lightning looks really good!!! Almost similar, if not the same, as the stylish omputeh ones that I like and rave about. Plus! They will upload the pictures on their website so family and friends can just surf the album on their websites and download copies for themselves. So convenient.

I also like that their name is Hello Forever… like, y’know, you’re getting married and it’s supposed to be for-evuhhh so you’re saying hello to the forever moment in your life? (Nampak sah tak tau macam mana nak explain hahaha)

Might also be the fact that it sounds very close to one of our favourite movies Hello Stranger (mentioned here). Nyahahaha silly reason, I know, but whatevz let me be lah!!!

Unfortunately, unlike the other photobooth services in the local market, whose services range from $600 to $800, their services start from $999… which is pretty pricey, considering that photobooth is a suka suka add-on feature for our wedding. Another one of those items that we will have to settle for 2nd or 3rd choice instead…

Unless someone really kind wants to sponsor this for us, of course :mrgreen: