guest + book + or wall or tree

I wonder if we can pull off something other than the traditional guestbook for our wedding dinner reception!

Ok, we’ ll probably have a run-off-the-mill guestbook for our afternoon reception for our makciks pakciks and random guests to scribble their “Selamat pengantin baru” and “Semoga kekal ke akhir hayat hujung dunia!” and “Cepat cepat buat anak!” inside but I’m hoping for something slightly different for our dinner reception…

Guest Wall

(Source: 100 Layer Cake)

Might be fun for our guests to mark their spot! One concern is whether my mat will be okay with storing the guest wall inside our house – dude is a super duper neat freak and might not want to have something like this cluttering our home.

(I can open a Facebook album ~filled~ with candid pictures of him cleaning or washing or clearing something LAH OK. Good luck to messy old me! Sekarang the resident Tarzan kat rumah is my mum, nanti dah ada rumah sendiri, I suspect the Tarzan will be my mamat pulak! Maybe he should considering wearing only a cawat at home when we live together next time to fit the part… *ooogling eyes*)

But I think if we do decide to go down this route, we can always keep it nicely hung in our storeroom or guestroom or something?

Plus! I think he’ll be pretty ok with this because dude is also a sentimental bastard!

The first time we met for coffee at Spinelli China Square, he asked me to keep the Spinelli receipt and tissue to commemorate our “first time meeting after graduation”  and I was, like, wtf simpan receipt and tissue for what??? lap pantat ah???

And he was all, like, don’t you keep mementos of moments like this???

And I was, like, wtf dude are you crazy??? takde kerja pe nak gi store benda seposen ni!

Hahahahahaha. Story of my life. Kena force to keep receipts and tissues of our moments.

(Don’t worry lah b, the receipt and tissue still somewhere in my room. I think.)

Wedding Tree

(Source: Green Wedding Shoes)

Never really liked trees for decorative purposes but I actually find this guest tree thing pretty cute! I kind of like the idea of getting our friends’ thumbprints all on piece of card and keeping it in our home. Our friends have played a huge supporting role in our lives and our relationship (even though they tell us that hanging out with us is like “attending couple therapy sessions” wtfffff thanks guys THANKS) and it’ll be really nice to have a part of them in our new life and home.

Guest Painting

(Source: Green Wedding Shoes)

I like this one! Alas, it might not be practical – I don’t know how big the board should be so that there’s enough space for all of our guests and I don’t know whether it can get messy or troublesome for our guests… plus, there’s that issue of needing space in our new home to hang or keep this. Meh.

Ideas, ideas.

Actually I have another idea for a guestbook but I think I’ll dwell on that idea a little longer… might just use it for our reception and it’ll be nice to keep it a surprise for our guests ;-)

In case you think the above ideas are bullshit (hey, you float your boat, I float my boat, man) and want to stick to the usual guestbook route, you can always DIY (just grab scrapbook materials and you’re good to go) orrrrr engage professional wedding guestbook services!

Since I’m not planning to engage such a service, I haven’t really recce-d for such services but so far the three popular ones that I’ve seen on other people’s weddings, showcases and forums are Zudyra Creations, Photo-Pen Journal and From De Heart!

I’m not sure yet whether I should just buy a guestbook or DIY one for our afternoon reception although one thing’s for sure: I’m not really a DIY person :-(

My mat always tells me I’m better with ideas than I am with execution!!! Dengki!!!

Muahahaha actually I have to agree with him lah… this explains why I prefer paying people to execute ideas for me. Plus it’s so much more convenient 8-)

Buttt it’ll be pretty interesting to see what happens if I try to DIY for our wedding! Worse come to worse, the resident Tarzan kat rumah memekak je lah dengan aku nye phail projeks bersepah satu rumah. Hwa hwa hwa.

Things I’ll try to DIY for our wedding:

1. Guestbook for afternoon reception

2. Favours for dinner reception

3. Guest wall/tree/video for dinner reception

4. Bungga manggar

5. Signages

Let’s hope my DIY plans menjadi yer! ADI MESTI JADI! Kalau tak jadi, nangis je dalam hati.