no problem, ada bimla?

I think out of all the wedding-related items, wedding favours are the ones that we’re quite nonchalant about.

Probably because both our supermoms are footing the bill for wedding favours so we’re giving them free rein on what they want to give out as our wedding favours! Korang nak kasi periuk ke, sudu garfu ke, happy call pan ke, lantak korang lah.

Hahahahahaha baik pe majlis orang kahwin dapat happy call pan as berkat. Makcik blok sebelah pun sure datang untuk redeem siot.

Oklah, actually both our supermoms have decided on food items because dorang sepakat cakap: “nanti kasi kipas lah, bowl kaca lah, bukannya orang pakai, nanti dorang buang… sayang“.

Which I agree with, actually. I’ve been to countless weddings where they give such things and I’ll just chuck it on my living room table or selit bawah carpet and before you know it, my mum has already thrown it away. Buat menyemak, she says.

I usually appreciate food items more because I get to enjoy it, even if for a few minutes. At least tak buat menyemak, but boleh buat jadi kenyang, betul tak?!

(Side story: I think one of the wedding favours I’ll never forget is Iffah’s! She gave away these bloody ~divine~ chocolate cupcakes baked by a girl who actually does it for leisure and not for business! SEDAP GILZ LAH SAK.

Iffah also gave away wet tissues (don’t ask me why she had two different favours) – I know that sounds quite weird – like, huh, wet tissues??? As berkat??? – but it is super damn practical lah please. We put ours in my mat punya motorbike box and dude used it everyday since Iffah’s wedding to wipe his motorbike whenever he’s waiting for me :roll:

(Side, side story: Dude refuses to acknowledge the fact that he has mild OCD. I have ten million pictures of him cleaning, wiping, washing something in my phone and I’ve threatened to publish a “Saliheen Cleaning Things” album, as inspired by “Kim Jong-il Looking At Things” blog so he better not dismiss me the next time I fret over his OCD.))

Because I have a lot of time to waste (as always) I’ve decided to do a list of possible wedding favours just to see what other options there are out in the market. This might also help in case our mothers change their minds and want something else instead.

Food Item as Favours

Strawberry Jam / Blueberry Jam / Blackberry Jam / Honey

(Source: Elizabeth Anne Designs)

(Source: Delightfully Engaged)

Received jams before from local Malay weddings. Very nice idea, something that people will eat so tak akan wasted and tak akan terbuang. Plus you get to be all cute and creative with the packaging!

I wonder why a lot of people give jams and honey and not peanut butter, though. Nutella ke. Kaya ke. Discrimination seh. Must be because more mahal or something.

(As you can tell now, I don’t buy kaya or butter or jam or honey or peanut butter or nutella for my family so I really have no idea which one is more expensive than the other.)


One of the more popular type of favour that I always receive at weddings!

This favour can come in different shapes and forms: There’s the personalized chocolate bar types, the chocolate pop types (which can come in different shapes and designs), the chocolates-in-a-box types…

(Source: Divine Tables)

(Source: Bakerella)

(Source: Project Wedding)

(Source: Unknown)

Of course if you want something simple and fuss-free, you can just buy Toblerone or Snickers or Mar bars in bulk, wrap with ribbons and there you go! Some might call this method malas ah but hey – if there are other important things to attend to or pay for, malas pun malas lah.

Pulut Kuning with Telur

Simple and traditional! As an adult, whenever I go to weddings that give out eggs as favours, I will always feel very nostalgic. Remember the times when weddings decor only consist of a plain dais, white curtain scallops and hanging lightbulbs, families bergotong royong to masak for 1000 pax themselves and red-stained boiled telurs sitting on top of pulut kuning in brown glass cups were the de rigueur wedding favours???

Fuhhh… classic stuff.

Of course nowadays most will give the boiled telur as berkat, but that’s it ah, it’s just the telur wrapped with ribbons or packed in boxes je… yang comes with pulut dah jarang.

(Source: Mykeuken)

(Source: Rose Nani)

But in case you want to bring back the glory days of giving traditional pulut kuning with telur as berkats, there’s Ovenly Sweet who does very simple but cantik ones:

(Source: Ovenly Sweet)

… and Rasa Syiokur @ Beezee Bait – they have it in different shapes!

(Source: Rasa Syiokur @ Beezee Bait)

There’s also Rita Pretty Pastries, but I don’t know if she does pulut kuning for berkat because I didn’t see anything about berkats in her albums.

(Side note: Showed my mother the Facebook pages of the abovesaid vendors and she told me to get quotes! She thought there’s no such thing nowadays which is why we never get pulut kuning berkats from majlis kahwin anymore.)


This is an option that my future mother-in-law is considering. (She is also considering chocolates-in-a-box but my mat secretly wants her to choose macarons heh)

(Source: Marriage Favors)

They also come in pop versions!

(Source: Bridesmaid)

Macarons can be quite pricey though, I think it’s about $3 to $4 per piece? I’m sure we can get a discounted bulk price for 500++ pieces but will still be pretty pricey as compared to other favour types.

Muffins / Cupcakes / Brownies

(Source: Cupcake Chic)

(Source: Unknown)

Popular berkat choices! My mother’s no.1 choice for berkat now is cupcakes.

Of course there’s also the modern cake in a jar but that’ll be too expensive for a 500++ pax order.

Lollipops / Candies

Back to the mother of all ‘pops’ – lollipops!

(Source: Wedding Favor Set)

(Source: My Wedding Favor)

(Source: Unknown)

Easy to buy and DIY (or buy in nice packaging terus) but might not be “appropriate” to give to makcik pakcik datuk nenek moyang all. Nanti they sure say things like “Eh ape ni, kau kasi aku gula gula gini, ni semua untuk budak budak je!

Eh engkau. Kalau aku bukak kau nya gigi palsu, lollipop jugak one of the few food items yang kau boleh makan without kau peh gigi kan?!

Cookies / Biscuits / Wafers

(Source: The Knot)

(Source: Labelle Bride)

Ok lah, pun not bad. Might seem a bit like school carnival/ school fair-ish, though. Last time during secondary school banyak seh orang will sell cookies during school fair, sampai bosan aku dibuatnya. Abeh semua rasa sama je. Biskut betul.


Korang ingat tengok wayang jer eh boleh makan popcorn?! Weddings pun boleh kasi popcorn as berkat ok! Cuma so far I haven’t dapat popcorn as favours from the weddings that I’ve been to ah. Sedih pe hidup.

(Source: Leaf O Photo)

(Source: Real Simple)

Ok lah maybe because popcorn boleh cepat lemau if never package properly and maybe because makcik pakcik auntie uncle datuk nenek moyang tak reti nak makan popcorn so tak makes sense lah eh to give such things to them.

Most of the time, pengantin nowadays yang nak popcorn at their wedding will just rent popcorn machine jer, like those provided by Petitfour Express. (Nani engaged them months back for her wedding! One of the things that I’m looking forward to this September is hogging the popcorn machine at her wedding hahaha)

Cinnamon Rolls

(Source: Grey Likes Weddings)

(Source: One Wed)

One of those favours which is impossible for 1000 pax guestlist (or even 500++) because I’m sure it will became lembik and tak shiok but I’m listing them down anyway because they’re sedap and lawa and sedap and lawa AND SEDAP.

And also got the ‘pop’ version!

Bagus eh sekarang, semua pun turn into the ‘pop’ version. Maybe should ask the vendors who sell pulut kuning for berkat whether they can buat into ‘pop’ version jugak hahaha


I’ve only gotten teabags as wedding favours once before but I really loved it ok!

Probably because I’m a hardcore tea lover – the only downside was that I couldn’t bear to brew the tea because they were so fragrant and so pretty :-(

(The one I got had five different flavours in one box somemore)

(Source: The Gloss)

(Source: Project Wedding)

(Source: Off On My Bicycle)

Somewhat related but actually tak penting…

How freaking cute are these teabags?! Nye heh heh heh.

(Source: The Artist and His Model)

(Source: Donkey Products)

Eh… idea…..

Might just be something that we can seriously consider…

(Oh, and if we do end up giving out teabags and you’re my guest and you don’t like tea then whatevz ok, soak it in and suck it up, bitch.)


Of course the concern with food items is that it might cepat basi or berdanau, especially if the vendor tak jaga the timing of when they bake/make the food items! (One of my girlfriends’ cake berkat started berdanau around 3pm, I think the earlier batches yang dah give out to guests might have been affected as well if they belum makan the cakes)

Which is why some people opt for non-food items as wedding favours instead.

Non-Food Items as Favours


(Source: The Roche Shop)

(Source: Unknown)

I’ve received the sandalwood cut out fan kinds and the paper fan kinds from weddings before! So far belum pernah nampak pengantin kasi rattan fans as wedding favours ah and I wonder why hahahahaha. WHAT WHAT. Family melayu kan always go beach go chalet to barbeque barbeque! Very penting to have these rattan fans to kipas kipaskan the charcoal so the food gets barbequed properly ok. Got guna ok.

I actually suggested giving away battery-operated handheld fans because as a guest, I probably wouldn’t mind getting one to battle the heat during train rides and in the office! But my mat was being a loser about it so… we’ll see how that goes.

Fork and Spoon

(Source: Wedding Souvenirs)

(Source: D Gift Chateau)

I think giving fork and spoon favours is good and practical! I once received this at a wedding and am now using it in office whenever I pack lunch from home. Some even come with chopsticks! Will be even more bermakna if your spouse-to-be is Chinese lor.

Travel-sized Grooming Kit

(Source: Wedding Favours Now)

Pun pernah get travel-sized grooming kit as wedding favour. Can be quite useful for some people ah… for some reason I didn’t have a reason to use it so I decided to throw it away after keeping it for awhile “just in case”.

Hand Towel / Handkerchief

Not really a big fan of hand towels because I don’t really have a use for it. I think my mum usually use them as spare kain for air tumpang, kuah spills, that sort of thing ah.

The omputeh handkerchiefs are very nice though!

(Source: Style Unveiled)

(Source: Elizabeth Anne Designs)

Unfortunately, I don’t know how practical it is to print personalized handkerchiefs as wedding favours here in Singapore. Might cost an arm and a leg? :neutral:


(Source: Susan Soaps)

(Source: Wedding Inspirasi)

I don’t usually use soap berkats that I get from weddings but soaps make such pretty berkats!



(Source: Cherry Marry)

(Source: Wedding Favour Set)

Terus terang cakap kalau dapat lilin as berkat selalunya aku tak pakai ah. Haha.

I do have friends who minat this sort of thing though (you know, aromatherapy, potpurri, stuff like that) so this might appeal to those who are into that sort of thing.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

(Source: Super Gift Place)

(Source: Unknown)

Quite cute, but I don’t use the salt-and-pepper-shakers favours that I’ve received. They usually end up under my bed for months before getting thrown away during my bi-monthly spring cleaning exercise.

My mother pun tak pakai, because she will continue using her trusty gedabak containers where she stores her rempah ratus and stuff.


(Source: Etsy)

Quite ok as wedding favours!

Having one extra cup to use in the house is not really a bad thing, what.

Ok sidetrack sikit, please tell me how adorable is this:

(Source: Unknown)

So cute, can parking your biskut bawah your cawan.

Mini praying mat

(Source: Kealambarzakh)

Quite a good idea, yes???

My friends and I went out for dinner one night and we were joking around about berkat orang kahwin (I have no idea why and how we can even come up with jokes about berkat orang kahwin haha) and someone said in jest “Kasi kau sejadah baru tau” or something along that line, and all of us burst into laughter – before finding out that one of the kahwing-kahwing couple at the table is going to give a mini sejadah as berkat at their upcoming wedding! Haha whoops!

I MUST clarify, though, that it was NOT the idea of giving sejadah as berkat that we were laughing at! It was in response to something someone said and the reply “sejadah” just made it funnier, that’s why kita laughed lah.

The idea of giving mini sejadah as berkat itself is a good idea seh. And so mulia!

Glass Coasters

(Source: Wedding Style)

(Source: Wedding Style)

Hmmm ok ok lah, my mother pernah received coasters as berkat before but as with some of the other things, itu bendealah kumpul habuk je lah dalam her kitchen cabinet.

I don’t think my mother would want to give glass coasters as berkat but if she did, I’d totally bug her to engrave this pantun on them:

Pecah kaca, pecah gelas, sebelum minum, harap alas.”

Hahahahaha amaciam baik pe aku nye pantun skillz.


I’ve browsed through several sites yang ada provide berkat services and I think I’ll do a run-through on their prices when I have time at home – and yes, I will have time at home since Ramadhan starts tomorrow! (Cannot go dating dating with my mamat so kena stay home and main angin only ma)

Since I’m on the topic of berkats kan, can I just say that I was so tickled when my mother dapat Maggi Mee as wedding favour?! I’m sorry lah to those who have given out packets of Maggi Mee to their guests or planning to do so but macam a bit lepak kan kasi Maggi Mee as berkat hahahahaha.

And the one that my mother got was not even the whole package with five Maggi Mee kat dalam seh, it’s ONE packet of Maggi Mee. ONE. LULZ

At least kasi lah dengan telur sebiji ke, boleh jugak masak Maggi Mee dengan telur.

Oklah, maybe because nak budget lah, nothing wrong with that, cuma kalau budget pun, to kasi Maggi Mee as berkat seems… unconventional. Bimla ada ape kalau nak budget!

Ni dah bukan “No problem, ada Bimla!” lagi tau, ni dah jadi “Don’t worry, ada Maggi!” seh hahahahaha

9 thoughts on “no problem, ada bimla?

  1. Eh, the 5 teabags in a box was my from my first sister’s wedding, no? Fragrant ones. Tapi tu bila kita Sec 4.. Entah kau ingat ke tak. Lol.. But feedback post wedding was, ramai keep the teabags pasal sayang nak minum.. Haha

    • lol mel i’m referring to your first sister’s wedding lah!!! i kept them lovely teabags for awhile ok, they were so nice and packaged so good! so good that i remember it almost 10 years later :mrgreen:

  2. “Kasi kau sejadah baru tau” hahahaha. tbh if it was someone else i would’ve laughed too but damn, it happened to me -_-”

    If I was allowed to choose my own berkat, I would’ve loved to give out soap or tea instead, so much prettier! But foodstuffs are def the way to go, no wastage (Y)

    • hahahaha the situation was really quite funny though, all of us laughing and you and sham looking at us in absolute horror! but you get what i mean, right?!

      yeah i especially teabags as berkat idea! but i really do think yours is a good one, i’ve never gotten mini sejadah as berkat before so i didn’t think of it as a possible berkat idea until you guys told us

  3. OMGGG you so resourceful mana kau dapat lobang pulut + telur niii! i also thought no such thing nowadays!

    looks like i can counter my mother’s redondo idea with a nicer idea, and something which she would like also! terima kasih farhanaaaa! :D

    • nyehehehe best kan! i also like seh this pulut kuning + telur berkat idea!

      oh, can you let me know if you happen to get quotes from ovenly sweet? i haven’t gotten a reply from them seh. rasa syiokur (beezee bait) replied – depending on shape of container, it’s $1.50 onwards. waiting for ovenly sweet to reply me before my mum can make a decision

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