will you be my bitch – ahem – i mean, bridesmaid

It was Nad’s birthday dinner last night and one of the topics that came up was synchronization of our attires for Nani’s upcoming wedding!

We had a quick discussion on the types and colours to don for the photoshoot and reception and now we’re all set to be Nani’s lil bitches for her special day! Looks like I’ll need to look out for kaftans for the reception and beg borrow or steal one of my aunt’s kebaya for the photoshoot as well (I borrowed her baju kurung once for a relative’s wedding – the fit was good and it was comfy as hell).

Which also reminds me – I need to get Indian garb for another good friend’s wedding! Not entirely sure why I’m the maid-of-honour for his wife-to-be when I’ve only met her less than five times, actually. I tried to tell the couple that she’s better off having a cousin or close girlfriend as her maid-of-honour but they wouldn’t listen to my protests so…


I don’t really know when and how this whole “trend” of appointing girlfriends as maids-of-honour and bridesmaids came about (Would you call it a trend? Did our mothers have bridesmaids when they got married? Hmm… something to ask my mother) but I’m not going to argue with a useful “trend” that ropes in extra help for brides on their wedding day.

As with a few other items on my wedding checklist, this is something that I don’t have concrete plans on yet since I’ll need to know our theme/colour scheme before I can start planning on what I want my maid-of-honour and bridesmaids to wear.

We don’t even know how many bridesmaids and groomsmen we want to have for our wedding! As of now the count is: one maid-of-honour, one bridesmaid, one best man and one groomsman (total: 4 pax) but we’re open to increasing the numbers if need be.

My plan for now is: one baju melayu/kurung for them to wear for solemnization and afternoon reception and one casual baju for wedding dinner. The baju melayu/kurung they can wear whatever existing piece that they have asalkan semua sama colour whereas for wedding dinner, we might have to tailor or buy something new.

Some ideas that I have for my bridesmaids for now!

Tutu skirts

(Source: Project Wedding)

(Source: Elegala)

I’ve always adored tutu skirts! So cute and so flirty and so fun.

Different hues, different styles

(Source: Todd Pellowe Weddings)

Very interesting concept and lovely if executed well (plus will look very nice in pictures) but I’m quite a sucker for matching colours and/or styles so this might not be something I want to do.

Same fabric, different styles

(Source: I Love SW Mag)

(Source: Jarvie Studios)

Ooh! I don’t mind this! The fabric and colours are the same but are in different styles to spice up the mix. Jadi tak boring lah, kalau semua sama colour, same style, semua boriah dah macam kendarat lah pulak kan. I like the second picture especially, sebab lagi interesting when you play around with the pieces rather than just the necklines.

I suspect it is also because the outfits are ~glittery~… the girly girl in me shudders with pleasure. HAHAHA


(Source: I Love SW Mag)

(Source: I Love SW Mag)

If we decide on a stripey wedding, this will be the perfect choice, of course! I think I like the style in the first picture better than the second one, because at least tak tenggelam sangat kan kalau only half of the outfit is stripey. The second one still works though, because the stripes are light grey in colour so tak too overpowering and I reaaally like the design… lawa seh! (albeit tak sopan for a Malay wedding, but well… y’know… just sayin’)

Colour blocking

(Source: Green Wedding Shoes)

I is very like colour blocking! Semua sama uniform but to make it more outstanding boleh pakai bold colours. Mix it up with different accessories, maybe?

Same coloured dress with stockings/colour leggings

Oooooh can I get my bridesmaids to wear stockings! Or leggings!

(Source: Style Me Pretty)

(Source: Green Wedding Shoes)

I like this very much jugak! Either stockings or coloured leggings… will have to depend on the theme, of course. The coloured leggings are very the love! Very kena with one of the wedding themes that we have in mind so I’ll definitely bookmark this. Heh.

(Source: Amber Glanville Photography)

Have I mentioned how much I am in love with barebacks?! Maybe I can incorporate it to my bridesmaids’ dresses… with lace, like the picture above! So prettz!

Ah well, flimsy ideas for now but as we get nearer to the date, the theme gets more or less confirmed, we’ll know how many and who we want as our bridesmaids and groomsmen, and we’ll get to decide which style will kena the most for them and for the wedding theme.

What I do know now is what I do not want for our wedding – you know those little kids who are roped in to become flower girls and bunga boys and all that? Yes, that. I do not want that. Friends and family jolly well know how icky I can be when I have to handle kids so for alllll our sakes, we can make do without all that unnecessary stress, yes? YES.

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