cute wedding theme… to the rescue!

Rasa rasa kalau buat wedding theme macam gini boleh lepas our parents’ firing squad tak!

(Source: Green Wedding Shoes)


More pictures from their wedding here (including their super cute grand entrance: crashing through a brick wall – in gif format!)

Haiz seriously dig this childhood-boardgames-superhero-themed wedding lah!!! Unfortunately, this might be too omputeh for our parents to accept so this will be hastily filed under Angan Angan Taik Kerbau. Nothing’s gonna stop me from trying to incorporate the colours into our wedding decor though!!! The burst of reds, yellows and oranges and highlights of blues from this wedding was the first thing that caught my eye and heart. LOVE!

I almost fainted (drama pe dekni) when I saw the picture of their reception setup!!! Very close to what I’m visioning for our wedding decor!!!

Let’s take a look at it one more time:

Ok, maybe not the baby blue tablecloths because it might turn out too much like a Tiffany wedding (oh hell no) so soft baby pink or pure white might do the trick in helping all the other bright colours pop out better! Colourful flowers in a plain vase as centrepieces are love! And don’t get me started on the white Napoleon chairs…

Korang pernah dengar tak orang jadi gila kerana kerusi??? Tak pernah kan??? Ah nanti tahun depan korang mesti ada dengar cerita punya.

On a slightly related note, one of my girlfriends who recently joined the kakak-kakak kahwin klub and I were talking about chiavari chairs last night when she made a remark – “Who invented this chiavari chair ah. Dalam kubur mesti ada senyium.” LULZ. Ya, him, and the tauke apek yang import chiavari chairs masuk Singapore. Manyiak senyium wor.

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