schawal weds!

Selamat pengantin baru to the beautiful couple, Scha and Awal!!!

(Source: SchAwal)

I have always loved looking at Malaysian celebrities’ weddings because they are always so brilliantly elegant and classy and terribly romantic. Not really my kind of thing but still dreamy nonetheless. The best part is that they still retain the traditional Melayu aspects oh so beautifully! Will throw in more stuff once their official wedding pictures and video are out. (They engaged CST Production as their official wedding videographers. Whoop whoop!)

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this video:

I think it’s quite fun to watch the process being recorded on video. Now I’m thinking of catching all our preparation moments on video for memories… think we can start capturing moments when we go down and meet our vendors for fittings and discussions proper next year :-D

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2 thoughts on “schawal weds!

  1. Hellloo!

    U engaged CST?? Wah!! best sey to all pengantins who booked them dapat jadi mini celebrity ;) Haish i’m too late.. I dah booked with DVMP ($1750 for 12hours)..
    How much CST quoted u? hehehe.. PM-ed me boleh?

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